Policy Statements from the Campaign of Pat Bradford Board of Education

The current school board leadership is failing our students. We need fresh, mature leadership. That’s why I’m running for the New Hanover County Board of Education. My highest priority will always be the students.

April 14, 2022

RE: Leadership Initiatives


I will not support any NHC school employee or elected official pushing implementation of CRT and/or sexual grooming curriculum for our students.  I will work with our new board to eradicate CRT, SEL, EDI, etc. and all its derivatives from our school district, as well as the sexualization and grooming of students.  

  • My first plan of action will be triage — to stop the hemorrhaging of our teachers and our teacher’s assistants and other non-certified workers who are quitting, walking away from the schools and the students on a daily basis. We must stop this hemorrhaging.

  • Our teacher’s assistants and other non-certified workers: bus drivers, custodians, cafeteria workers, etc. must be paid a living wage. This one advancement will go a long way in stabilizing the exodus.

  • Once sworn in as a board member, I will immediately make a motion to adopt the recommendations of the comprehensive Salary Study that were presented March 1, 2022 to pay the non-certified employees (which includes the teacher’s assistants) either of the expert’s two recommendations: $16 an hour +2 steps, or 17 + one step, effectively January 1, 2023. We will need to allocate the funding to do that.


With regards to any firing and hiring:

Having four decades as a small business owner, coupled with my institutional knowledge after two decades of engaging New Hanover County’s government boards as a journalist, I understand the complexities of board management, strategic planning, personnel issues (including hiring and firing) and contract negotiation at both the government level and small business.


 As a seasoned investigative journalist, I have repeatedly seen how unwise it is to engage (publicly or privately) in speculation over personnel matters, including employment status. I will not speak prematurely. 


The school system is no exception — now with that being said — once elected and sworn in, I will swiftly investigate all allegations against any and all employees to the fullest extent possible, and then make a proper determination, with all the facts, council with the board and legal teams, along with input from our community.  I will at the same time put forward a motion to start the search process for replacements. The hiring process in business can take many months, in local government it can be three quarters of a year. For example, it took at least six months to hire the current superintendent.


Orderly Plan

A vacuum in day-to-day oversight is created in any managerial position when one is fired without an orderly plan for his or her replacement.  In the case of the school district, would that be in the best interest of the children? 


It's All About The Children