We need fresh leadership. I am a pro-life, pro-law enforcement, Constitutionalist and political outsider who will bring order and common sense to the chaos on the school board. I bring with me real world experience and leadership honed in small business over multiple decades. I have not held elected office, BUT I have attended thousands of government board meetings: from town and city councils, county commissions, water sewer, planning, Health and Human Services, the legislature in Raleigh, and in Washington. And I did not just attend them, I reported on them, requiring keen comprehension of what I was hearing and seeing.

 It is All About The Children

Why am I running for office? It's Time for a U-Turn!

 It is time to be a part of the solution. Time to stop talking about the many problems in the school system and act.  The pendulum has swung way too far to the left; it must go back in the opposite direction – immediately.

 To do this, we must elect FOUR responsible, sound-minded, conservative leaders to serve the children, parents and guardians on the seven-member New Hanover County Board of Education.  We need leaders who display integrity in their decision-making and the desire to listen to the people who elected them, rather than push their own agenda or ideology. We must think generationally. It is Time for a U-Turn.

I know the challenges of K-12 

I am a "Mom" and have been involved in the school system for years, and years and years – first as a mother, a grandmother, aunt, and mentor and friend to children not biologically mine. I have a grandchild and nephews currently in the high school system. I am soon to be a great grandmother. 

Child Advocate 

I was sworn by the state of North Carolina after completing my training in 2006, as a Guardian ad Litem, a child advocate. I knew then and I know full well now, our children are our future. It's All About the Children.

We are Failing Our School Children

Covid was hard enough for kids with its loss of learning; but parents also got shut out of choices for their children. About half the state budget is for education and yet children cannot read, write or do math.  Curriculum desperately needs a reboot. Our schools should be safe places for education,  reading, writing and math, civics, history, plus excellence, not indoctrination. Parents are demanding — leave the social issues out of the classroom. End the divisiveness. Teach the history of this great nation: the good, bad and the ugly so that the ugly never happens again.  We must re-engage all students, especially those falling behind. Together let’s build a better future for our kids. 


Pat understands that the role of a New Hanover County Board of Education member is a very demanding and engaged position. She is resourceful and not afraid of hard work. She accepts the challenge to step forward, push up her sleeves and shepherd a newly elected conservative charge on this board for the benefit of all children within the county. 

Strategic Plan

Pat will help facilitate a revised strategic plan for the New Hanover County Schools that will push back against anything keeping children from being safe and learning while holding fast to the conservative ideas that promote equality for all. 


Pat will work with the committees of the New Hanover County Board of Education, plus the county commissioners to ensure that our School Board committees are aligning with conservative values and not allowing the execution of ideologies that harm our children. 

Board Policies

Pat will work with the School Board to identify policies within the policy manual that restrict transparency for our parents and guardians. She will help craft new policies that allow for more community engagement and involvement and generate faster lines of communication. Her goal is to remove harmful policies and anything which prevents our children from excelling. 

We have a Generational Responsibility

Just because your life is great — or your children’s school is fine — doesn’t mean there is not an obligation to make sure everyone can be the best they can be. We cannot lose another generation of young people.