Published Media Questions & Answers 

2022 Moms for Liberty New Hanover County, NC​


Your name as it will appear on the ballot: Pat Bradford

Position you are seeking (include district number if applicable): New Hanover County Board of Education

Candidate email:

Candidate phone number: 910-367-1137

Campaign website:

Candidate’s social media (links, if applicable): Pat Bradford for NHC Board of Education


Do you believe parents have the fundamental right to determine the upbringing, education, and care of their children?  YES

Do you believe all reasonable accommodations should be made to enable parent participation in school board meetings, including a robust public comment section?   YES

Do you believe a parent should have the right to determine if they mask their child in school?   YES

Do you support a parent’s right to opt their child out of sex education?   YES

Do you support a parent’s right to homeschool?    YES

Do you believe students should read and study the Declaration of Independence and Constitution before graduating high school?    YES

Have you read the Constitution of the United States in the past year?   YES

Have you read the section(s) of your state constitution, county charter, and/or local statutes that govern your position?    YES

Do you believe that the legitimate role of government is limited and should be confined to what is clearly defined by the Constitution?   YES

Do you support the recitation of the Pledge of Allegiance each school day?   YES

Do you support student led prayer in school?   YES

Do you support school choice measures?  YES

Do you support the teaching or training of critical race theory?   NO

Have you been endorsed by the teacher’s union?    NO


  1. If you can only accomplish one thing once elected, what would you hope to accomplish? Return to the core 4 curriculum: reading, writing, mathematics and civics, while ending the sexualization and indoctrination of students.



  1. What does liberty mean to you? The precious unalienable rights to the Freedoms that our Forefathers bled and died to win for us.



  1. Who do you believe is the most important stakeholder in education? The child.