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NC Voter Guide​

Your email address:*
Your name as it will be shown on the ballot:* Pat Bradford
Office you are running for:* New Hanover County Board of Education
Your county:* New Hanover County
Please enter your campaign website or Facebook page URL, if available:, Pat Bradford for NHC Board of Education


Please describe your background, experience and qualifications:

I am a mother & grandmother, a 30+ year NHC resident. I was sworn in in 2006 as a Guardian ad Litem. I am a 20+ year business owner and employer. I bring my love for children, real word leadership, wisdom and experience to the Board of Education.



Please describe your top 2 or 3 priorities if elected and how they will impact students, staff and parents:


ALL students should be safe, protected and loved while learning the core subjects from Pre-K through HS graduation.  No indoctrination. Parents/guardians need a voice again.Physical and mental safety must increase, quality curriculum must return and students will thrive. It Is All About The Children.


How should the Board of Education address disparities in learning for students of different races and family incomes?


No gaps in educational achievement can be allowed to exist. All students deserve a safe, quality, robust education, regardless of any factor. All children should have access to key educational resources including skilled teachers & quality curriculum from well compensated teachers and teacher assistants.