Published Media Questions & Answers 

Wilmington Star News 4.20.22


BG:  is the proud parent of one biological son, a beautiful daughter-in-law and two fabulous grandchildren, plus several amazing children not biologically her own. She is a writer/storyteller and the owner/publisher of Wrightsville Beach Magazine from the time of its founding in 2000 to present. She holds a Bachelor of Arts and a Bachelor of Science - Teaching Communications from Appalachian State University and maintains a North Carolina Real Estate Broker License, as well as a N.C. Corp. Real Estate License.  She is a registered Republican.


SN: What are the top issues you want to address and why?

PB: One top issue that I will address immediately is the great loss of the teachers, teacher’s assistants and the other unclassified workers from the school district. They have been denied a living wage. The moral is horrible.  Teachers are overworked, not respected, not heard. Parents have no voice; they have been cut out of choices for their children. They must be given their voice back. Next, the issue of the loss of thousands of students from the school district, which are being lost to home, charter & private schools and dropping out. Less students = less per student funding.


SN: Why would you be a good candidate to represent the diverse constituents across the district?

PB: I have a long-term reputation in New Hanover County as an advocate for and resource to children and their parents/guardian. In 2006, after training and fingerprinting, I was sworn as a Guardian ad Litem for the NHC’s Fifth District Court. The court determined that I was qualified to stand up for the rights of children, to shepherd them through troubling times. This began my 17-year journey serving children, the unsheltered, the poor and all those without a voice in this county, regardless of culture or socioeconomic status. I have seen first-hand what happens when children are not put first.


SN: What has your involvement been with the school district and why did you decide to run for school board?

PB: I not a politician, I am a mom and a grandmother, plus a friend and mentor to children not biologically my own. I began attending the school board meetings a year ago and was immediately alarmed by what I witnessed.  Our current board leadership is failing our students, they are dysfunction and divisive. Students are not being prepared for their futures. Proficiency in reading and math are low and dropping. Schools should be a safe place to learn to read, write and do math, to grow, to be excellent, not to be indoctrinated or groomed. Curriculum must be overhauled.   


SN: In light of recent controversy, how do you plan to work with your fellow board members and the community to get things done and address issues the community views as important?

PB: As a small business owner in New Hanover County for more than 20 years, working in excellence with my staff members, even when we disagree, I listen to all voices. I bring to the board real world experience and wisdom, plus knowledge of how government boards should and can work. I possess the sensitivity to manage conflict and build consensus. I am an advocate for those with no voice. I care about all issues. With decades of experience in hiring/firing, contract negotiation, RFPs, strategic planning, managing multimillion dollar budgets, I am the leader who will get the job done.


SN: What are some ways you'd like to see safety and security initiatives improve in the district?

PB: It is quite unthinkable that NHC school board fails to background check anyone working with children. There is no fingerprinting. The talk about future fingerprinting may just be for all new hires, that is unacceptable. Through background checks and fingerprinting must be implemented for every single person who works on the school property, each of them without exception. The history of child sexual abuse MUST end.

I support additional school resource officers, and there are a few schools that don’t have SROs yet. There needs to be two in every school. Monitoring of bathrooms, halls and campus must increase.